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10 Things I’m Thankful For…

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Amidst the whirlwind of school, work, relationships, and life in general, it’s good to take some time out and get into the season.  And yes, I mean family and friends.  But I also mean appreciating the extra little things that we only see this time of the year…like, egg nog.  Doesn’t everyone love to get into that?  To be honest, I have yet to feel giddy about the holidays.  Not that I’m dreading it, I just have not had the time to relish in the fun and warmth of it all.   And with Turkey Day less than 24 hours away, it’s about time I crank up the holiday tunes and indulge in the very things I love about this time of the year…

10. Old school christmas songs.  Frank, Bing, and Rosemary…I love ’em all.

9. Wassail.  For those of you who live within 100 miles of New Braunfels, take the drive on Dec 3rd for Wassailfest.  It’s so worth it.

8.  Gingerbread pancakes.  I’ve developed quite a taste for these at my fav breakfast spot in Austin (Austin Java Co. for those of you in the area).  Better yet, these hot cakes are served all year-round with cinnamon butter.  You heard me…

7.  Soup.  Living in Texas, soups that aren’t served ice-cold (gazpacho, for example) are off-limits until the weather cools off…and when it does, you better believe my pantry is sufficiently stocked. 

6.  Fingerless gloves.  Just got an awesome pair for my birthday that I cannot wait to wear to work!  Perfect for ringing up customers and flipping through mags.

7.  Salutations.  It seems that this time of the year brings out the best in people.  I’m used to southern hospitality, but it’s to the point where I am being invited to crash people’s Thanksgiving family gatherings.  I love that now saying goodbye to someone entails wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.  Or maybe we just have fantastic customers?

6.  Silver and gold.  Metallics with everything?  A resounding, “yes.”

5.  Glorious mornings.  Beautiful sunny days with a biting cold make for an invigorating morning run. 

4.  Lotion.  Although I use it throughout the year, I truly need it come winter.  And I love having that as a morning ritual fresh out of the shower.  Makes me feel super pampered before I step out into brisk weather. 

3.  Bundling.  Remember the days when our parents tried in vain to get us to bundle up?  Like pulling teeth, right?   Those days are long by Jennifer Coffey

2.  Anything baked.  Yes, I’m totally going there.  In case you’re trapped inside at any point you get a craving for something sweet, here’s my no fail, super easy recipe for peanut butter cookies…

  Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  In a mixing bowl, combine 1 cup peanut butter (natural works best), 1 cup sugar, and 1 egg.  THAT’S IT.  Spoon onto greased cookie sheet about 2 inches apart.  Press flat with a fork.  Bake about 8-10 min (depending on how large you made them).  They will come out very soft but will harden as they cool.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve burned my mouth inhaling them straight out of the oven.

1.  Going to bed with this outside my window

photo by Joe Richardson

Happy Thanksgiving


Here’s To You Mom & Pop

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I stumbled upon a wonderful site last week and have found myself perusing it everyday.  Everyone I share it with thinks it’s great.  It even made the news.

“What is this fantastic, ultimately cool site,” you ask? 

Type into your browser and allow yourself to get hooked.  Photographs of people’s parents seem to go on and on, each saturated in obvious love and stories.  And it’s not just pics from the seventies or sixties plastered across your monitor.  There are pictures spanning from the early 1900s to the present.  Perhaps it’s because my parents cool factor peaked in the mid 80s that those pictures resonate with me the most.  However, I find myself imagining a story behind every submission.  Where are they?  Who are they with?  Who is taking the picture?  What are they laughing about?  I almost always wonder what their kids are like.  First names are provided but nothing else. 

This site is evidence that the tired, old cliché is true; pictures do speak a thousand words.  Although this post has little to do with fashion, I had to write about it.  However, I will say since I’ve become hooked on this site, I’ve also found myself gravitating towards things that were once my mom’s when debating the day’s outfit.  I wear a pair of her earrings from college all the time.  Sweaters and cardigans that she once called her own line my closet.  And I love that.  No one else has these things.  And for the day I done a sweater of hers, I’m as awesome as my mom.