Left my heart in San Fran…

Back to the daily grind, I find myself reminiscing about San Francisco…the streets, the frantic search for the right bus stop, the fantastic little tea room, the classic Bay Area weather…and the outfits, oh the outfits! 

With the unexpected death of my camera on Day 2, I had to wait until I got home to take some of pictures…hence the delay & the inside of my apartment (in some of the pics).  But here are a few of my faves…

Day 1: 3 AM + 20 degree weather = bundle like woa.

Day 1:  Early dinner at tea room in Nob Hill

Day 1: Hitting up Fly Bar…conveniently located next to my hotel. 

Moment of the Day: Finding my hotel after getting off at the wrong bus stop five blocks away…

Day 2: Movie Tour & North Beach Adventure with Helen…hands down, my favorite day.

Moment of the Day:  Oh so many to choose from here…getting a flower from a cyclist while waiting for the bus and finding the café featured in the movie So I Married An Axe Murderer with Helen!!!!  We scoured Little Italy, met so many people, described this movie in detail (quotes and pictures included), and enjoyed a pint upon after finally finding it. 

Day 3: Hopping on the Caltrain to visit my hometown of San Mateo/Burlingame…ahhh memories!

Moment of the Day: Upon finding my old house, the last of the morning fog burned off, and I could begin to feel the sun as I continued down Highland Ave in search of the old tree I used to climb.  Nothing beats the smell of the honeysuckles mingling with the Eucalyptus trees. 

Day 4: Trip to the Arts & Crafts Museum + perusing cute coffee shop dudes in the Mission District

Moment of the Day:  Enjoying my great new book, The Road Less Travelled, while sipping tea and nibbling my Chamomile scone…delish.

Clothing aside, I had a great time on my trip.  It made me feel empowered to travel solo.  I felt a sense that I can do much more than I ever thought…in all aspects of life.  Where to next?  Who knows.  Still experiencing the wonderful residual memories of San Francisco.  It was exactly how I remember it when I was little, and my parents would take me for a day trip into the city.  I remember the cloudy skies, the smell of the water, the occasional gulls that would appear over the tops of the city buildings. 

…above the blue and windy sea
when i come home to you, san francisco…


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