Femininity is Having a Moment

You may have noticed that there have been a rash of all things girly popping up in your favorite fashion magazines and adorning the gliteratti at fabulous events.  I am not talking about things that make you look like a 1980s Lolita (you know anything florescent or involving any type of candy).  Those things are fun and ironic and definitely have their place, but what I am talking about are ribbons and lace.  Things that proudly say “I am a woman and I am lovely.”

 It may be a simple bow around the waist of dress or skirt as Zooey Deschanel so often sports.  She oozes ladylike glamour with just a hint of indie rebellion in ever present grosgrain ribbon. 

 Or classy cotton neck tie as Jayma Mays wears every week as the wide eyed Emma Pillsbury on Glee.

Lace offers some even more grown up options such as the plunging neckline and potentially scandalous cut outs of this beautiful dress worn by Olivia Wilde made positively demure by adding a hint of lace. 

 Similarly this exquisite corseted mini dress worn by Blake Lively would not be nearly so stunning without the rose patterned lace wrapped around its bodice.

                Now you may not think this trend is worth reporting.  Women are dressing in feminine clothing, what’s the big deal?  But I think that this trend is important beyond just the fact that it is beautiful to look at.  In the past several decades women have taken to wearing androgynous clothing especially in arenas in which they wish to be taken seriously such as the office.  While I believe that androgyny can be very sexy and it heralds back to the early suffragettes donning pants in order to minimize the difference between them and their voting male counterparts.

                I feel that the recent rise of ladylike clothing has an important point to make.  It is not about trying to take women back to the days of subserviently binding clothes.  It is about standing up proudly and saying “I am lovely and beautiful and I don’t need to pretend to be anything other than that in order for you to take me seriously.”  This trend is all about being feminine and powerful and not being willing to surrender the one for the other.

                Well, I’ll get off my soap box but the next time you are considering what to wear for an evening out or even a day at the office consider adding a flirty bow or a hint of lace or anything else that makes you feel proud to be the gorgeous woman that you are.


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