To Belt or not to Belt…..That is the question!

bigBeltsparisSo I was mindlessly flipping through the latest fashion mags yesterday in the grocery store line and I noticed in almost every spread that belts were being used in abundance. I have always been a lover of belts but I have never been confident enough to wear them in the daring ways that I see on other fabulous fashionistas.

My question is when is a belt the right touch and when is it too much? The answer is…who knows! We all know the main rule in fashion is there are no rules only guidelines, so here are a few belt guidelines:

If you are going to belt a dress try to keep with the waistline of the dress, if it is drop waisted sling that belt down low!

Don’t get too matchy matchy. Try and add an unexpected detail, like a studded rocker belt paired with a super feminine dress.

Don’t forget your old friend the scarf! Scarves can make really cool sashes and add a fun pop of color to an otherwise predictable little black dress!anne-hathaway-scarf-belt-copy1

Last but not least my favorite combination for a really cool statement belt is the plain white button down and a pair of skinny jeans! Simple and stunning!

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