Cardigans: My BFF

I’ll be the first to admit it; I have a problem.  Not only am I always cold but I always carry a cardigan in my giant purse (the giant purse addiction is a separate issue best addressed another time.)  We’re talking in the heat of a Texas summer, you can ask me to reach into my bag and I will produce a cardigan…sometimes more than one because I like to have options. (For those of you familiar with Texas heat, you are also familiar with how frigid stores, schools, and buildings of the sort are kept.)

Brushing aside the occasional “grandma” wise crack or dumbfounded stare as I sport my cardi in 102 degree heat, I have come to embrace my addiction.  And since the weather is turning (now a fantastic 80 degrees) I no longer receive any heat (pun intended). 

The beautiful thing about cardigans is that they can alter any outfit.  The favorite, well-loved wrap dress gets a facelift with a little shrunken cardigan and maybe a vintage broach.  The perhaps slightly revealing top you wear to work is suddenly work appropriate with an oversized cardigan with great large pockets and wide legged trousers.  This is why they are such a wise investment and great to have on the go. 

So I’m sure you’ll understand my state of pure bliss when I laid eyes on our newest store arrivals yesterday.  Rich, saturated colors and soft to the touch material invited me to try them on. 




Ruffles and Frills Cardigan


Available in Schertz

Also available in green in San Antonio and black in New Braunfels








First thought; skinny jeans, brown knee highs, and a long Henley.  Ah, perfection.  Second thought; mini dress and flats.  There we go.

And let’s not forget the classic argyle that will forever be in style!




Criss Cross Applesauce Sweater


Available in New Braunfels

Also available in blue in Schertz






Now, I’m sure you’ve got the hang of this.  What’s that you say?  Pair this with some tweed pencil pants and black ankle boots?  Yes my friend, yes. 

If you don’t mind, I’m going to finish up here.  I’m a little chilly and there’s a great purple cardi waiting for me in my oversized bag…toodles!


One Response to “Cardigans: My BFF”

  1. watchthebirdie Says:

    iluvpockets: i am fortunate enough to personally know you and you are lucky to receive frantic phone calls from me when in fashion distress (…or maybe not so lucky). now that i know about the gabby b’s blog i can solicit fashion advice from you AND your esteemed colleagues whenever i please – hooray!

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