My New Love: Grey

May I just say how fantastic it is that our new blog is up and running?  Now, we are able to share our constant stream of fashion thoughts and insights with our favorite peeps! 

I’d like to first open with the number one rule of style; there are no rules.  The fabulous thing about style is that you don’t have to wear just one look.  You can transform yourself anytime you please.  If on Monday, you feel like donning pearls and a sweater vest and Tuesday you step out in biker boots and a black minidress, you are living the dream of a fashionista!  No boundaries, no rules, just wonderful threads to fit all your moods.

With that being said, I am beginning to notice a new, budding obsession of mine.  I have developed a love affair with the color, grey.  And I simply can’t write this off as a little crush.  No, this can only be classified as true love.  Whether I am bumming around the house, zigzagging across town in a flurry of errands, enjoying a girls’ night out, or going to dinner with that special someone, grey is always there for me.

For example, a couple weekends ago I went to ACL.  Now, the weather was perfect when I ventured up to Austin, so I totally lucked out.  But the following days (when I didn’t attend) were rainy and muddy.  This is an understatement.  It was a mud pit.  And I thought to myself, “what would I have worn?”  I know you’re totally thinking that too.  You still want to look cute but not be totally bummed or thrown off if you were to have been in the line of fire of some mud slinging.  For future mud loving music festivals, do not fear. 

This adorable grey little number paired with yellow or red rainboots and goodbye dreary ACL, hello, “how did she pull that mud covered outfit off so well?”websitealbum1017


 Flirty Polka Dot Dress-Grey


Available in Stores



But grey isn’t just for the offchance you may get dirty rocking out to Kings of Leon or Phoenix, it can also be elegant and sophisticated.  Take this hot little number, for instance.  IMG_1244 


Some gold chandelier earrings, a cute bright clutch and a killer pair of heels and you’re ready for a night on the town.  And yes, my friends…it has pockets. 

Steel Grey Strapless Dress




Grey is also the perfect accent color to diffuse a bright outfit.  This grey little ring would be the perfect compliment to a deep purple or green.  It adds the right amount of delicacy and detail.  webinventory1136


 Romantic Raised Butterfly Ring: Grey





So when in doubt over what color to choose, just remember gray is not only a safe bet but has a stellar track record.  Oh grey, let me count the ways….


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