Why All the Peacocks?

peacock paisley

Those of you who were already familiar with Gabby B’s may have noticed that we recently changed our logo to the lovely peacock feather the now adorns our website and business cards. You have probably also noticed that these lovely jewel-toned aviary adornments have been popping up everywhere lately. 

Sometimes the feathers themselves are used to embellish the item as seen in this amazing couture dress which I am sure sent the poor seamstress who had to attach all of the feathers into early retirement.

wedding dress


Eva Longoria Parker even sported a beautiful mini dress that was covered feathers and sequins.  While this may sound like a Vegas showgirl costume the result was actually very stylish and even tasteful. 


Those who prefer a more subtle approach have been wearing prints inspired by our favorite bird’s tail as seen here on both Katy Perry.  The epitome of class herself, Ms. Tory Burch, has even been spotted wearing a lovely shift dress covered in a dreamy blue peacock print.


051908_burch_200x400While peacock feathers are all the rage right now and are both beautiful and stylish, that is not the reason that we chose to make one our new logo.  There is much more to it than that. 

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of seeing one of these majestic  birds in real life knows that they are impressively lovely but you can’t really appreciate just how beautiful they are until they open their tail and display that iconic fan of feathers.  Here at Gabby B’s we believe that the same is true of our customers.  We think that every women is possessed of a natural beauty that is hers to choose to hide or display. 

Helping women realize beauty is one of the main reasons that we love fashion as much as we do. Seeing  someone’s face light up when they realize that they look smoking hot in a dress or a new top is one of the best parts of our job.

The next time you see our logo, a top with peacock print, or one of these amazing birds remember that you are beautiful and you owe to yourself and those around you to shake out your incredible plumage and let your natural beauty shine.

websitealbum1041facebook pic


One Response to “Why All the Peacocks?”

  1. I love the peacock analogy! Participating in one of your shows certainly did wonders for me. You guys rock!

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