Don’t Let Your Hair Go Naked!

siennaOne of the biggest trends happening this fall is hats.  They have been popping up everywhere from the runway to “Gossip Girl.”  One of the hottest styles of hats for the fall is the fedora.  Those of you who watch “Mad Men” will be very familiar with seeing the men of Sterling Cooper whisking these off every time they walk into the office. MMS3-Don-119-1

The good news is that it is not 1962 and fedoras aren’t just for the boys anymore! Bold trend setters like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss have been using these fabulous toppers as a way to finish off a suit or dress up a t-shirt.

Another wonderful and slightly more subtle way to rock a hat is to slip on a newsboy cap.  These caps are equally adorable in either tweed or sweater material.  Check out the one Anne Hathaway is rocking in this picture.


 Also, if you haven’t heard by now that head bands are here to stay you may have been living under a rock.  Blair Waldorf brought them into the public eye as the reigning queen of Constance Billiard, but since then they have been everywhere.  They instantly add a touch of glamour to even the simplest hair style.  Whether you choose to sport a beautiful plumage of feathers, a simple band of lace, or a crowning slip of silver or gold they are the easiest way to pull any outfit together. b waldorf

Don’t worry you don’t have to spend a fortune to instantly update your wardrobe.  Fedoras and Newsboy Caps have just arrived at your local Gabby B’s location.  A variety of headbands are available in our stores and also on our website  If you are unsure of how best to rock this trend don’t be shy about asking any Gabby B’s employee for advice.  We love fashion and are thrilled to help you bring out your natural beauty.  Log onto the site or give the store nearest you a call.


 megan kisses


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